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March 12, 2020

What to do if Jobsite Closures Due to Coronavirus Concerns

AGMA and GLU252 are maintaining close communication regarding potential jobsite closures due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please be advised of the following:

GLU252 will send information to all members regarding recommended good hygiene practices by close of business today (3/12/20). These recommendations parallel those sent out by AGMA on 3/10/20.

At present there is NO plan to advise union employees to stop working. Bargaining unit employees should continue to report to work unless they are experiencing flu like symptoms or someone in their households have tested positive for Coronavirus.

If a job site is shut down by an owner:
  • To the extent possible, AGMA members should move bargaining unit employees to other jobsites where work is available.
  • If relocation is not possible, AGMA members may layoff employees in accordance with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. In that event, it is anticipated any laid off employee will be deemed eligible to receive unemployment compensation benefits.
  • Bargaining unit employees who are laid off should report to GLU252, and GLU252 will make every effort to return the same members to the affected job sites as soon as they are reopened.
  • Furthermore, any employees laid off due to jobsite closure will not be placed on the out of work list.
  •  If employees are relocated to other jobsites, employees will be re-assigned to their initial jobsite locations when they reopen.
  • Remember, communication is key. Please keep your business agents (BAs) informed of what is happening. That is the best way to minimize disruptions caused by Coronavirus.