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March 22, 2020

WEEKEND UPDATE: Delaware & City of Phila


This email was forwarded by GLU252 to AGMA and is current as of 5:00pm today.

– The Construction industry is listed under essential business. This means we remain open for business along with all suppliers and vendors.

– CDC guidelines must remain in effect such as “social distancing”. What that means is safety best practices. Don’t gather in groups for breaks, lunches etc. Eat in their vehicles and where available wash hands. If they can wear masks and have them use them. Or we will also be shut down.

– The Governor will reassess this and update our industry as needed but right now its go to work no loss of time.

– Any questions give me a call but please let your contractors and suppliers know. If we practice safety and distancing our industry may dodge a bullet.



The following email was distributed to both GBCA and the Building Industry Association (BIA) memberships. AGMA is sharing here:

Today the City of Philadelphia issued a Stay at Home order, further restricting activity in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mayor’s office has made it clear this order does not limit the guidance previously issued by L&I permitting construction sites to continue work to secure job sites until Friday, March 27th at 5 pm.

The L&I guidance allows for the continuation of construction in instances in which doing so is in the interest of public safety or may help to protect against unnecessary property damage.

For Philadelphia Only:

Construction work must stop by Friday, March 27, 2020 at 5 p.m.

The additional time is provided in the interest of public safety and protection against unnecessary property damage.

  1. Construction sites must be made safe and secure by March 27 at 5 p.m.

Contractors are directed to take proper measures to protect adjacent properties, remove or fasten items that are or could become loose, secure sites against trespass, and complete work necessary to protect and ensure the structural integrity of buildings under construction.

Occupied residential properties must be left in safe and habitable condition.

GBCA has compiled a guide to assist you in closing your projects due to the State ordered shutdown. While it is not an all-inclusive, one size fits all guide, we hope it will help in this unprecedented time.

  1. Routine maintenance and repair of existing buildings is exempted from the order and may continue.
  2. Emergency systems repair and replacement are also exempted and may continue. The work must be performed by a license contractor and with permits as required by the Philadelphia Administrative Code.

Examples include: Roof repair, Plumbing leaks, Hot water heater replacement, Fire safety systems repair

Contractors must obtain permits within 3 days of the emergency repair or replacement. At this time, new permit applications must be filed using the eCLIPSE system.