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January 31, 2018

Safety Notice: STOP USE of Gravity® Welder Harnesses

This Safety Notice is issued to inform you that MSA received a field report from an end user regarding select MSA Gravity Welder Harnesses and that, as a result of MSA’s findings related to this report, you must take the actions outlined in this Safety Notice.

Upon investigation of the field report, MSA determined that the leg strap and chest strap used in select MSA Gravity Welder Harnesses are incompatible.  Although the harness can be donned, in the event of a fall, the shoulder straps may extend and affect the protection offered by the harness.

MSA is advising all MSA Gravity Welder Harness customers to immediately stop use of affected MSA Gravity Welder Harnesses produced from July 2015 through and including January 2018.  The harnesses are to be removed from service, marked “UNUSABLE” and destroyed.

Identifying and Addressing Affected MSA Gravity Welder Harnesses

Affected MSA Gravity Welder Harnesses are those marked with one of the following part numbers and a manufacturing date from July 2015 through and including January 2018:

  • 10151154 – 304 HARNESS,BLK,KEVLAR,BKD,SD,STD
  • 10158954 – 304 HARNESS,BLK,KEVLAR,BKD,SD,XSM
  • 10158956 – 304 HARNESS,BLK,KEVLAR,BKD,SD,XLG
  • 10158957 – 304 HARNESS,BLK,KEVLAR,BKD,SD,SXL

To confirm whether or not your harness is affected, check the label on the harness for part number and manufacture date that meet the criteria above.  See Figure 1 on the attached Safety Notice for the location of the part number and manufacture date on an MSA Gravity Welder Harness label.

If the part number has been made illegible through use, refer to Figure 2 on the attached Safety Notice to determine whether or not your harness is affected.  If the part number matches the list above, but the manufacturing date has been made illegible through use, consider your harness to be affected. 

If your harness is affected, remove it from service, mark it “UNUSABLE” and destroy it.

Note that MSA Gravity Welder Harnesses could also have been ordered as part of kit numbers 10026061, 10026064, 10105480 and 10103470.  Harnesses that were provided within these kits are also labeled with the individual harness part number and can be identified as detailed above.

Replacing Affected MSA Gravity Welder Harnesses

We recognize that this in an inconvenience and in an effort to minimize any disruption, we pledge to make this replacement process as expeditious as possible.  If you are in possession of affected harnesses per the criteria above, MSA will replace them free of charge.  Complete the enclosed MSA Gravity Welder Harness Replacement Form on page 4 of the attached Safety Notice and email it to Customer Service as indicated on the form.

Upon receipt, MSA will enter an order to provide you with a replacement for your harness.

MSA Customer Service Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this Safety Notice, please contact MSA Customer Service as follows:

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause; however, your safety and continued satisfaction with our products is important to us.

Best regards,

Nathan Andrulonis
Manager of Product Safety