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January 27, 2015

REMINDER: OSHA Recordkeeping Rule Now in Effect

As of Jan. 1, 2015, all employers covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act are now required to comply with OSHA’s new severe injury and illness reporting requirements. Please Note:  because we are involved in the construction industry, none of our employers are exempt of this rule regardless of their company’s size.

OSHA’s updated recordkeeping rule expands the list of severe injuries that employers must report to OSHA.

 Employers must now report:

1.      All work-related fatalities within 8 hours.

2.      All work-related inpatient hospitalizations, all amputations and all losses of an eye within 24 hours.

 To report, contact your local OSHA Office or call the 24 hour hotline (800) 321-6742. If you need further information or have questions regarding the Updated Recordkeeping Rule, please feel free to contact the Finishing Contractors Association (FCA) office at (866) 322-3477.