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March 30, 2020

Phila Building Trades Council Releases Emergency Shift Provision & Safety Guide


The GBCA has agreed to an Emergency Shift Provision to Address COVID-19 Memorandum of Agreement with the Philadelphia Building Trades Council (BTC)  to allow for a reduction in the 2nd and 3rd shift differential to $0.25 and $0.50 respectively. This change was done to encourage the overall reduction of crew sizes per shift, further enabling social distancing on job sites. Please note this does not impact a contractor’s obligation to pay overtime or weekend premiums, per the respective collective bargaining agreements. This agreement is valid for 45 days from execution. This memorandum applies to GLU252. Questions about this memo should be submitted to AGMA or to your shop’s business agent.

The second initiative is the establishment of a COVID-19 Recommended Job Site Protocol . These protocols adapt the widely recognized recommended practices laid out by OSHA and the CDC for our industry.