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May 10, 2024

PA Bill to Prohibit Using Cross-Crafted Workers on Public Jobs

According to Jonathan Landisman of Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Thurman, if companies perform work on public works projects in Pennsylvania, they should follow PA Senate Bill 841 (SB 841). Unless bound by a collective bargaining agreement, contractors working on public works jobs are permitted to pay more than one wage rate to employees for a day’s work. For example, if an employee spends seven hours performing carpentry work and the last hour of his day sweeping and cleaning up, the contractor may split the employee’s pay by paying seven hours at the carpenter’s rate and one hour at the laborer’s rate. However, SB 841 mandates an employee be paid no more than one rate per workday. So, using Mr. Landisman’s hypothetical, the employee would receive eight hours of pay at the carpenter’s rate.

The PA Senate Labor and Industry Committee voted in favor of SB 841 with only one dissenting vote. The bill will now make its way to the Senate floor. Critics of SB 841 argue it threatens to unjustly drive up the cost of public works projects (which are ultimately financed with taxpayer dollars). On the other hand, supporters say the bill will level the playing field between union and open-shop contractors and benefit blue-collar workers who perform work on public works projects.

If you have any questions about prevailing wage compliance in general or SB 841 in particular, please feel free to contact Cohen Seglias Labor & Employment Department.

Source: Cohen Seglias