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October 10, 2014

What is your opinion about glazing contractor certification?

Please see below for information Green Advantage is requesting re: glazing contractor certification. Who/what would you recommend to help Green Advantage with their Curtainwall Installer Certification for Construction Personnel?

PLEASE RESPOND BY October 15, 2014

“Imagine a city iridescent by day, luminous by night, imperishable! Buildings, shimmering fabrics, woven of rich glass; glass all clear or part opaque and part clear, patterned in color or stamped to harmonize with the metal tracery that is to hold all together.” 

You might recognize the quotation by Frank Lloyd Wright above that foreshadowed the revolutionary role of glass in the 20th century.1 This innovation enabled “walls to vanish”, and opened up living and working spaces as it connected building occupants with the outdoors. Ultimately, the intelligent use of glass would become “an implement to characterize the freedom of the individual.”2

With much of Wright’s vision realized in the last century, this century, with its emphasis on green building, has brought a second phase to the revolutionary role of glass. As a result, curtainwalls continue to gain prominence as integrated envelope solutions that are essential to creating high performance buildings. Curtainwalls not only ensure optimal daylight transmittance and thermal control, they also impact occupant health and comfort, building security, and disaster resilience.

These multi-faceted benefits of curtainwalls are only possible with high quality curtainwall installation. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that curtainwall installers have sufficient knowledge, skills, and abilities applicable to state-of-the-art curtainwall technologies, materials, methods, and best practices. Workers with these competencies can achieve building performance goals while positively affecting crew collaboration and efficiency, waste reduction, safety practices, and cost effective project delivery.

Ensuring the qualifications of these construction workers demands exemplary educational efforts. Toward that end, Green Advantage3 is committed to providing or pursuing the provision of certifications that meet the “gold standard” of ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation. Green Advantage has notified ANSI of its intention to pursue ANSI accreditation for its Curtainwall Installer personnel certification. This certification will be based upon a recognized body of knowledge and an accredited objective and performance exam protocol.

A cornerstone of this protocol is the creation of a Glazier Certification Board representing a broad spectrum of related experts and stakeholders, including the construction, design, specification, research, green building, health and safety, security, military, insurance, disaster preparedness, regulatory, financial, and academic sectors. The Board will convene triennially to: 1) develop and approve the body of knowledge that is the basis for a certification applicable in the US and Canada; and 2) ensure the integrity, impartiality, and fairness of the certification standards. Its inaugural meeting will be held in Washington DC on December 4th through December 6th, 2014. The meeting will begin on December 4th at 1PM ET and adjourn on December 6th at 12:30 PM ET. 


Our Request:
Green Advantage seeks inputs from United States and Canadian experts and stakeholders from throughout the building industry to develop this certification. We request your assistance in identifying bibliographic materials, experts, and Glazier Certification Board nominees.

Curtainwall Installer Certification Description
Glazier Certification Board Member Job Description
Please refer us to:
Relevant bibliographic sources of information to develop a Curtainwall Installer Certification applicable in the US and Canada  Click Here to Provide Information

Nominations and contact information for Green Advantage International Glazier Certification Board candidates from the US and Canada: Click Here to Nominate

Names and contact information for additional experts who might provide inputs to develop a Green Advantage Curtainwall Installer Certification for the US and Canada  Click Here to Recommend

We trust you share our excitement about these significant opportunities for better enabling construction personnel to meet the unique challenges of the twenty-first century.