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April 1, 2022

New Statute in NJ Requires Employers to Provide Notice Before Using GPS

Effective April 18, 2022, employers in New Jersey may not track vehicles driven by employees without first providing written notice. This statute applies to both vehicles provided by the employer and employee-owned vehicles used for work purposes. Employers can address this issue by including a short policy in their employee handbooks. Specifically, the law requires that the written notice must inform employees of the tracking practices for vehicles used by the employee, including the type of GPS unit and metrics monitored during travel, as well as the required safety protocols in relation to the operation of vehicles used during the course of employment. With this new law, New Jersey joins New York, California, Delaware, and Illinois in placing such a restriction on employee monitoring.

Violations of the new law could add up quickly, with a $1,000 civil penalty for the first violation and up to $2,500 for each subsequent violation. The text of the new law can be found here. If you have any questions or need assistance with the handbook policy, please contact Jonathan Landesman at Cohen Seglias Pallas Greehall & Furman, PC.

Source: Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman, PC