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March 22, 2021

Lights Out Philly Starts April 1

Lights Out is a voluntary program that involves turning off as many external and internal building lights as possible to protect birds from collisions during peak migration season. Each year over 100 million birds pass through Philadelphia during spring and fall migrations. Many are killed as they fly into buildings, confused by the lights and glass. By simply turning lights out at night, many of these collisions could be prevented, saving thousands of birds, as well as saving you energy and money.

How can you help?
During April 1–May 31 and August 15–November 15, from Midnight to 6 a.m.:
• Turn off unnecessary lights (especially the upper levels, lobby, and atrium).
• Turn off or dim external lighting.
• Tenants should use task lighting and close curtains and blinds.
• Sign up for the Lights Out Philly program at