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June 23, 2017

Interested in Joining AGMA? Take a look at AGMA Member Benefits

Did you know in the last year alone union contractors in our region logged over 1.1 million man hours? You have been busy! It’s time to let AGMA help you continue to succeed and even grow during this period of near full employment.

Consider joining the Architectural Glass & Metal Association (AGMA)! Come join the team providing services and information to create opportunities for its members and contribute to the stability of their marketplace.

Take a look at what we are accomplishing together. If you are interested, either complete the attached application or contact us at 484-444-0129.

The Association is pleased to announce additional member benefits to be launched in FY 17/18! Stay tuned for a “members only” password protected area of the AGMA website. This site will house important documents (CBA, wage rates, side letters) as well as copies of presentations given by speakers at AGMA member events, and event photos.

The AGMA Board of Directors is also working on the logistics of a variety of member benefits from a law library offering insight into legal topics of interest to you to opportunities for you to develop relationships with local architecture and construction management university students.

AGMA’s members receive short and relevant updates of association and industry information including the From the Desk of the Executive Director which offers topical information concerning the association and the greater glazing industry.

BID OPPORTUNITIES: From time to time AGMA receives business leads through the office. These leads are shared with AGMA members that express an interest in receiving the information.

Architectural Glass Institute (AGI): 2016/2017 the Architectural Glass Institute (AGI) has been delivering an Interior Demountable Partition Lunch & Learn (L&L) to educate architecture firms on the benefits of using union glazing contractors to install interior glass partitions. AGMA Contractors bring their expertise and answer technical questions during the program. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure with area architecture firms. 

Labor Relations
AGMA and GLU252 have a number of targeting tools available. These tools are applied for online via the AGMA website ( If you have any questions about the tools available, please contact AGMA and we will walk through the tools with you.

MEETINGS & TRUSTED FUNDS:  We have regularly scheduled meetings with both the BMST and 252 agents to address concerns of mutual interest. Many AGMA members serve in various committee and trustee positions. Funds AGMA members sit on include:

DC 21 Health & Welfare Fund
DC 21 Annuity Fund
Pinpointing Fund
FTI Fund
AGI Fund & AGI Marketing Committee
Safety Committee
Craft Committee

Member Education
: Held each fall, the AGMA Annual Meeting is a key opportunity to network with over 60 principals, estimators, project managers, and union officials across our industry.

AGMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE: AGMA members who participate in our annual conference in Florida quickly learn the value of this program. Designed to allow for both educational enrichment and valuable networking in a tropical setting, the Annual Conference has covered topics ranging from dealing with a millennial workforce to sole indemnification.

Members who complete the Annual Conference and are in good standing as per the AGMA bylaws have been given a $1,000 scholarship to supplement their cost of attendance.

NACC: The North American Contractor Certification program provides certification of competency, business practices, and adherence to industry-accepted guidelines for glazing contractors. It is a rigorous program and is gaining recognition as an indicator of quality and success. For example, did you know Nationwide Insurance has created a tailored “Best in Class” category for contractors that have achieved NACC certification?

This “Best in Class” includes:
Best in Class Coverage & Pricing
Enhanced Loss Control Services
Enhanced Claims Management Services
Best in Class Errors & Omissions Coverage Available through CNA

In addition, AGMA, in conjunction with AGI, provides the following resources to aid members: 

– AGMA: A sample Quality Control Manual and Program
– AGI: $2,500 yr. scholarship toward certification costs 
– NEW! AGMA is now offering access to consultant, to be hired by members to assist with any facet of certification.

PAINTERS & ALLIED TRADES LABOR MANAGEMENT COOPERATION INITIATIVE (LMCI): Membership in AGMA includes influence at the national level through this labor-management coalition. AGMA members attend seminars on various labor relations topics.  In 2017, the LMCI’s program Finishing Industries Forum will take place at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada from December 3 – 6, 2017. Stay tuned for registration information.

Safety & Health
As an association, we believe strongly in a safe and healthy work environment. Therefore, while AGMA members are not required to implement a drug testing program for their non-bargaining unit employees (e.g., project managers, superintendents, drivers), the association has developed a template policy which may be used by those members who choose to do so. Contact AGMA at 484-444-0129 for more information.

Government Relations
We monitor, initiate, and influence legislation on the local, state and national levels.

PROMPT PAY/STOP WORK PROVISION: AGMA is pleased to announce a bill including a stop work provision passed the PA House and is currently moving to the Senate. What is stop work provision? The language allows for contractors to stop work on a project if (s)he is not being paid in accordance with the contract. For details on the language, please contact AGMA.

FY 1718 Potential Contractor Members

2017 18 CONTRACTOR Member Application