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August 18, 2021

In Addition to Lights Out, Consider Bird Friendly Decals

Bird-friendly decals were installed at the World Trade Center’s elevated park this week to prevent more of the animals from fatally smacking into its glass railing — and wildlife advocates are happy as a lark.

The Port Authority finished putting in the dotted strips, which signal to birds not to soar into the glass, at Liberty Park in Manhattan on Monday — after The Post revealed that dozens of the city’s feathered friends had croaked at the site.

“I’m pleased and optimistic that these decals will drastically reduce the number of bird collisions during migration season, especially here where so many human lives were lost,” wildlife rehabilitator Beverly Mastropolo told The Post.

“Developers should take this simple, inexpensive step to save endangered birds’ lives,” she said.

The 300-foot-long see-through barrier, which sits 25 feet above a pedestrian walkway, has been a death trap for the avian set — white-throated sparrows, juncos and hummingbirds among them — as they have tried to soar west toward the Hudson River in recent weeks.

The Port Authority which runs Liberty Park, said it consulted with the American Bird Conservancy prior to installing the decals, which are endorsed by the National Audubon Society.

Dozens of migratory-bird carcasses were found around the 3-foot-tall railing near the building 4 World Trade Center, which is also a hazard for birds.

“After we were alerted to the issue, in consultation with the American Bird Conservancy, the agency completed installation of a dotted decal pattern on the glass railing in Liberty Park,” said the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs the park.

“The product used is proven to mitigate bird strikes and is also endorsed by the National Audubon Society.”

Source: New York Post