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January 6, 2020

Health & Safety Classes Available – have your employees register today

As you know, as per Section 26.6.3 of the CBA, Journeypersons are required to attend a minimum of four (4) hours of Safety/ OSHA or other approved training courses per year. In order to be eligible to receive foreman or general foreman’s pay, the Journeyperson must attend an addition four (4) hours of training listed above, (for a total of eight (8) hours) and must have a current OSHA 30 certification.

It is agreed that all Journeymen will satisfy all training requirements and that the parties will work with the FTI to assure that scheduling allows the opportunity for all Journeypersons to fulfill their training obligations.

AGMA encourages all members to speak with their journeypersons about the availability of classes. It is also the belief of the Association that it is good practice for members record and track of the classes taken by their journeypersons.

If there is a class you do not see on this list that you would like to see your employees enrolled in, please contact AGMA.

AHA CPR/First Aid

January 11 (7am-3pm)

March 14 (7am-3pm)

May 19 & 16 (5pm-9pm)

June 13 (7am-3-pm)

October 10 (7am-3pm)

December 8 & 10 (7am-3pm)



Febuary 1,8,15 & 22 (7am-3pm)

April 4, 11, 18 & 25 (7am-3pm)

September 17 – November 19 (7am-3pm)



Febuary 11,12 & 13 (5pm-9pm)

September 1,8 & 15 (5pm-9pm)

November 30, December 7 & 14 (5pm – 9pm)


8hr Fall Protection

January 11 (7am-3pm)

November 14 (7am-3pm)


16hr Fall Protection

May 4,5,11 & 12 (5pm-9pm)


Suspended Scaffold Awareness

April 7 (5pm-9pm)


Scaffold UED

May 9 & 16 (7am-3pm)



April 24 (8am-3pm)

May 29 (8am-4pm)


32 hour NJ Lead

January 13-16 (8am-4pm)(Class is Full) 

Febuary 17-20 (8am-4pm)

April 20-23 (8am-4pm)


NJ Lead Refresher

January 17 (8am-4pm)

Febuary 21 (8am-4pm)

March 20 (8am-4pm) (Not on Calendar)

April 24 (8am-4pm)


PSM Refresher

January 16 (4pm-7pm)

Febuary 20 (4pm-7pm)

March 19 (4pm-7pm)

April 16 (4pm-7pm)

May 21 (4pm-7pm)

June 18 (4pm-7pm)

July 16 (4pm-7pm)

August 20 (4pm-7pm)

September 17 (4pm-7pm)

October 15 (4pm-7pm)

November 19 (4pm-7pm)

December 17 (4pm-7pm)


To Access the Health and Safety Calendar and Register for any of these classes click here.