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November 13, 2013

Guardian SunGuard offers BIM Generator tool for architects and engineers

Applying science and cutting-edge expertise from the world of architecture and glass, Guardian SunGuard offers an industry first BIM Generator. Construction engineers can request project specific custom content for curtain wall panels or window-based generic modeling.The BIM Generator works with the Guardian Performance Calculator as part of a suite of online Glass Analytic tools. These tools are a comprehensive suite of engineering and analytical tools that demonstrate the advantages of high performance glass in building facades.


The Performance Calculator provides modeling of the thermal and optical properties for glass make-ups ranging from monolithic uncoated glass to highly complex combinations of substrates, coatings and interlayers. These project specific make-ups can then be integrated into the Guardian Building Energy Calculator to compare energy cost and consumption information based on hourly simulations of user specified glass make-ups, building parameters and geography. Once a selection has been made from the comparative tools, users have the ability to request project specific custom BIM content from the Guardian Performance Calculator.

The tool populates manufacturer data for thermal and optical performances of project specific customer IG makeups in the BIM format.

The BIM Generator creates highly detailed content that represents the correct thickness and color of the inboard and outboard lites. By leveraging visibility settings, you can control the level of detail depending on the desired scale of the view. The content is created for Revit 2013 to take advantage of Revit’s material analytics for energy simulations.