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June 17, 2015

Get Involved! Join the FCA Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors Advisory Committee

FCA International is looking for glazing contractors to participate on its national Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors Advisory Committee. Please see communication below from Nick Carillo, Western Regional VP of FCA International on behalf of Peter Neudorf, Ferguson Nudorf, Chair of the AG&M Committee:

I am writing today specifically regarding the Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors (AG&M) Advisory Committee. In the meeting this year, the committee identified three projects that need the support and involvement of contractor members. The requested involvement would be an hour-long conference call (either monthly or bi-monthly, depending on the project) and the request to attend one or both in-person industry events – FIF (held in the winter) and ILC (held in the spring).

The task groups are:

  • Website Restructure and Content Management: this task group will provide insight, ideas and concepts for the overhaul and rebuild of the Architectural Glass & Metal web page on the FCA International website.
  • Codes and Standards Task Group: this task group will review current codes and standards being modified that directly affect their scope of work and provide their feedback and perspective. This group will make decisions on what projects to get involved in and which to monitor.
  • GlassCon Global: this task group will review matters relating to GlassCon Global 2016, and provide their input and opinion on all matters that affect the content and structure of the event.

Will you please share this information with your contractor members and encourage they get involved with this committee?

We also need your involvement as the local representation of your collective group of contractors. The AG&M Committee has a general committee meeting each month on the second Wednesday. Please join us and encourage a few of your contractors to join the call also. This committee has been a very active and result-driven group. We can grow and continue this momentum!

Want to get involved? Contact AGMA today.