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January 20, 2020

AGMA Releases its 2025 plan in February 2020

AGMA is pleased to announce 2025 planning is complete! The association is appreciative of all who participated in the planning process either through interviews or surveys. In February 2020 AGMA members will receive a more detailed outline of the 2025 plan including a list of new member benefits. In the meantime, AGMA would like to introduce you to a brief overview of our 2025 plan:

Purpose: To create member opportunities to support high growth, high standards and harmonious relations with industry stakeholders.

Vision: AGMA promotes excellence by creating and increasing our members’ opportunities to grow, be profitable, and diminish risk.

Values: Professional, Informative, Resourceful, Supportive, Educational, Inclusive, Innovative

2025 Goals:

–          Provide, promote and support educational opportunities

–          Increase members’ opportunities to grow

–          Increase members’ opportunities to be profitable

–          Diminish members’ risk