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February 6, 2014

AGMA Members: Pinpointing 1 funds available

Pinpointing 1 funds became available starting February 1, 2014. An eligible AGMA contractor requesting Targeting must submit a fully completed Job Targeting Application form, available on the AGMA web page. Click on the Members Only of our website to access the application page.All information must be completed so that a determination can be made with respect to the amount and availability of workers and/or funds requested. The bidders and post award information will be provided by the contractor from the named project contacts and supplied to AGMA in order to monitor the effectiveness of the program.

Once an application is submitted, Local 252 will process a determination of an award for Job Targeting.

The membership status of the contractor, bidding conditions and availability of funds for the project will be reviewed prior to an award. Local 252 will advise AGMA members bidding the job, who have submitted applications, of its determination. If the job is approved for pinpointing, Local 252 will make an award subject to the availability of funds.

Please note, AGMA contractors are strongly encouraged to consider the use of all available market recovery tools to address targeted work in addition to use of Pin 1 funds.

All questions concerning Pinpointing and/or the Pinpointing website are to be directed to Dick Conly at or 610-574-4677.