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August 10, 2021

AGMA joins BirdSafePhilly in asking you to once again turn the lights out in Philly

Support Lights Out Philly Starting August 15!

This past spring, Philadelphia joined the network of over 40 cities across the U.S. in implementing Lights Out programs designed to protect birds during migration seasons by turning off and blocking excess light at night.

Tens of millions of birds pass through Philadelphia during the spring and fall while migrating between their breeding and wintering grounds. Many do not survive the journey, as they are confused or drawn off path by bright lights and collide with glass and buildings. Bird collisions in the U.S. are estimated to cause as many as one billion bird deaths each year.

In Philly’s inaugural season, 36 commercial buildings, 43 residents, and 6 municipal buildings affirmed their commitment to participate in Lights Out Philly. Broader participation will be even more critical this fall, as there will be increased numbers of birds passing through Philadelphia. Collective participation will not only save birds but can save energy and reduce operating costs.

Property owners and managers, tenants in buildings of all types and sizes, individual homeowners – all of us can help. It’s simple. From August 15–November 15, we are asking you once again to turn off unnecessary lights between midnight and 6 a.m. Learn more about the Lights Out Philly and what Bird Safe Philly is doing to help birds at