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October 22, 2021

AGMA Employer Members Now Eligible for Safety Reimbursement

On behalf of the AGMA Board of Directors we are pleased to announce a NEW member benefit. Each AGMA employer is eligible for a reimbursement for add-on safety services offered by MedTex Services. Need new harnesses? Just don’t have time for that site specific safety plan? GC requiring a new type of training you’re not familiar with. AGMA and MedTex are here to help!


Who: AGMA Employers and MedTex Services

What: Select a safety service that works for you: SPRAT training, review your safety manual, have MedTex write a site specific safety plan, mock OSHA inspection, etc.

When: The benefit is available October 2021 – October 2022.

How: Employers reach out to MedTex Services directly for services. Once the service is complete and the invoice is paid by the employer, simply submit your paid invoice to AGMA and AGMA will cut a check to cover up to the reimbursable amount. Any cost above the reimbursement allotment in the October 21 – October 22 time frame will be the sole responsibility of the employer.

What is NOT covered: AGMA will not reimburse employers for any cost spent on drug testing or EMT services.

What IS covered: MedTex services offers an extensive library of OSHA and specialty training. In addition, MedTex can assist with your paperwork needs – everything from creating a site specific safety plan to preparing documents for OSHA. Finally, MedTex has access to many types of safety equipment from harnesses to the new style of hard hats.


Want to get started? Reach out to MedTex Services today:

Natalie Tocatlian

Med-Tex Services, Inc.

m:(267) 303-2466