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May 3, 2021

AGMA and GLU252 Ratify 2021-2024 Contract

AGMA is pleased to announce the majority of members of the Association  voted to ratify a contract for 2021 through 2024. We are also pleased to announce a majority of the members of Glaziers Local Union 252 also voted to ratify the contract.

AGMA would like to thank the members that joined us this past Saturday, May 1st, to hear a breakdown of the contract and wage rates and to vote to ratify a contract that was the result of two months of important and engaging conversation with GLU252.

There are several significant changes to the contract language both AGMA and GLU252 believe give employers the flexibility they need to grow market share and be competitive across various job sizes and scopes. AGMA members can look for a “contract at-a-glance” overview delivered to their inboxes soon. This information will also be available shortly in the members portal on the Dashboard page. In addition, AGMA will be visiting with its member shops to walk through existing and new tools that can be implemented to be successful on winning back lost market share or scopes.

AGMA members, stay tuned for:

1. Contract At-a-Glance

2. New Wage rate sheets