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National Glass & Metal Company, Inc.


Over the past 50 years, National Glass & Metal Company Inc. has earned a reputation for innovative solutions and quality workmanship. World renowned architects rely on us to help them design some of the most innovative buildings ever conceived and the nation’s leading general contractors trust us to take those innovative designs and make them reality. National Glass & Metal specializes in custom architectural glass and metal construction. Our design team has extensive experience developing new glass curtain wall systems to meet the needs of any project. Using cutting-edge software, we can quickly develop a new system, run performance simulations, create rendered images of the finished product, and make any revisions if necessary. This helps ensure that your building will be closed in on schedule and on budget. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Division Codes

05.50.00: Metal Fabrications
08.10.00: Doors and Frames
08.30.00: Specialty Doors & Frames
08.40.00: Entrances, Storefronts, & Curtain Walls
08.50.00: Windows
08.60.00: Roof Windows & Skylights
08.70.00: Hardware
08.80.00: Glazing
08.90.00: Louvers & Vents

National Glass & Metal