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CMS Glass Co.


CMS Glass Co. has been providing custom glass, mirror, aluminum, brass, steel, and ornamental metal products to businesses in Atlantic City and the surrounding area for over 30 years. From large-scale curtainwall projects, storefronts, and architectural art glass installations, to handrails and floors, we work hard to make sure ANY architectural performance and design challenges can be fulfilled .Our warehouse and fabrication facilities are fully equipped with the knowledgeable personnel and machinery necessary to customize any of your glass, mirror, and ornamental metal needs. Any project can be designed and engineered according to your specifications. CMS Glass Co is a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), certified in New Jersey and Philadelphia, and is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certified in NJ.

Division Codes

05.00.00: Metals
05700: Ornamental Metal
057000: Decorative Metal
05710: Ornamental Stair
057100: Decorative Metal Stairs
05720: Ornamental Handrails & Railing
057300: Decorative Metal Railings
08.10.00: Doors & Frames
8.30.00: Specialty Doors and Frames
08.40.00: Entrances, Storefronts & Curtain Walls
08.50.00: Windows
08.60.00: Roof Windows & Skylights
08.70.00: Hardware
08.80.00: Glazing
08.90.00: Louvers & Vents
10.22.00: Partitions

CMS Glass