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We remain involved.

AGMA actively contributes to our members’ success through a robust committee system. Each committee relies on the expertise and collaboration of our people. Our collective body of knowledge and experience helps benefit all member companies.


Foundation for Fair Contracting Committee: The committee works with the Pennsylvania Foundation for Fair Contracting (FFC) to educate and inform members about the rights and bidding laws associated with the construction industry.

Glazier Advisory Committee: This labor-management committee guides curriculum and oversees the apprentice evaluations for the glazier apprenticeship program at the Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Region (FTI).

Labor Negotiations Committee: The committee represents the collective interests of AGMA members during the collective bargaining process, enabling the negotiation of timely agreements, and is sometimes called upon to review legislation affecting labor relations. The committee also actively implements programs for developing stronger communication, cooperation, and support in labor relations matters with other associations.

Legislative Committee: This committee monitors legislative and public policy matters and works with affiliated associations to keep AGMA members up-to-date on issues that impact the industry on local and state levels.

Membership Committee: The committee focuses on membership development both at the glazing contractor and the service provider levels.

Occupational Health & Safety Committee: This labor-management committee works in conjunction with the FTI Health & Safety Department and other contractor associations to promote safety education, preparation, and professional development for collectively bargained employees.

Philanthropy: The committee encourages the generous nature of our members to support worthy causes such as:

ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia: The ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia engages and enlightens high school students to careers in architecture (A), construction (C), and engineering (E) through mentoring, scholarships, and grants. The program uses a team model with industry professionals, such as AGMA members, serving as mentors. AGMA also supports the mission of ACE Mentor Program through participation on the ACE Advisory Council.

Small Business Community Relief Fund (SBCRF): This fund was established to assist small business owners that suffered window, door, or storefront damage that impacts their ability to serve Philadelphia communities. The SBCRF serves those affected by COVID-19 and civil unrest by providing skilled glaziers and qualified contractors to repair retail storefronts, windows, and doors.

Jointly Trusted Funds:

AGMA glazing contractor members also sit on several jointly trusted funds. These trusted funds are made up of equal parts management (AGMA) and labor (IUPAT District Council 21).

Trusted funds include:

Architectural Glass Institute Fund
Annuity Fund
Finishing Trades Institute Fund
Health & Welfare Fund
Pinpointing Fund